Mount Hebron Baptist Church

Larry L. Robertson


We serve under the leadership and vision of Pastor Roberson. "We enter to worship...depart to serve."


Young Women's Auxiliary
Mime Team
Praise Team

From the Heart of the Pastor

Music Ministry
Christian Education
Praise Dancers (Children and Adults)
Usher's Ministry
Optimist International

Opportunities for Spiritual Growth and Maturity

Sunday School 8:45 am
Sunday Worship 10:00 am
Midweek Bible Study
12:00 pm Wed & 6:30 pm Thu
Midweek Prayer 6:30 Wed

Mission Statement

To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through Love, Fellowship and Stewardship, to reach others, to guide them to spiritual Maturity and a Relationship with the Lord Jesus, by Witnessing, Mission, Evangelism and Discipleship. We resolve by the Power of the Holy Spirit, to work to advance the Kingdom of our Lord for the improvement of our communities; and to bring relief to those that are in bondage to poverty, ignorance, fear and prejudice!

We pause and look over the many wonderful and pleasant memories of the year thus far.

Not to become overzealous in my recollections, but I can't help recall how 'good' the Lord has been to us. We have been blessed over and beyond what we can imagine or expect. I can see the hand of God working in every circumstance and in remarkable ways in the lives of the members of Mount Hebron Church.

We were blessed beyond measure by the powerful and soul-touching preaching of Larry Philip McCray during our annual revival. I can say that I was deeply and profoundly touched by the showers of spiritual blessings that rained down upon us.

This has also been a year of grand celebration; we reached a milestone in our ministry with Mount Hebron Church. I would have never believed when I arrived here 40 years ago that our relationship would have grown so deep and so strong.

Pastor Robertson

Our Pastor